Response to 'The One' on Netflix: The recipe for romance is written in your DNA

The Netflix series "The One" highlights the concept of using genetic information to find your ideal romantic partner. When John Marrs first published "The One" in 2018, it quickly rose to be the best-selling science Fiction Book of the year, and now in 2021, it's a successful Netflix series. While we don't recall speaking to John Marrs about DNA Romance but his team did a great job portraying many of the elements behind human attraction. In reality, DNA Dating isn't science fiction, and there isn't just one good match for each person .

Genetic Dating and Netflix: Finding The One

The Netflix series 'The One' describes genetic dating as a black-box but, what makes a great DNA Match? Is there only one good match for each of us?

So what really makes a great DNA Match?

DNA Romance predicts the feeling of 'Chemistry' online using DRom 1.0 the algorithm which evaluates 100 DNA Markers and provides a prediction of how much romantic 'chemistry' is expected between two people when meeting in person. For DRom 1.0 each DNA marker is positioned in the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) a set of genes, that code for proteins, that pepper the surface of your cells and help our immune system to recognize and fight pathogens. Scientific research has demonstrated that people with differing MHC genes will find each other’s scent to be pleasant and are more likely to have a lasting romantic relationship.

How are DNA matches predicted at DNA Romance?

Having a very different DNA code in MHC region is known to influence partner choice, people with very different MHC genes tend to find each other's scent pleasant, while people with similar MHC genes will find each other's scent to smell repulsive. For these genes opposites truly do attract!

Genetic Dating and Netflix: Finding The One

DRom 1.0 returns a high compatibility rating when two people share very different genes and a low compatibility rating when the individuals share a similar DNA code in the MHC region. DNA Romance evaluates genes that have been known to scientists for decades, see these independent research studies, and here are a couple of independent documentaries explaining the science of romantic "chemistry".

Is there just one person for you? No, with over 8 billion people on earth there are several thousand near-perfect matches for you.

Our lives are not fairytales and no, there isn't just one perfect person for each of us! There are in-fact thousands of really good matches for you ;-)

Love is also complicated and there is a lot more to a relationship than just chemistry, there is also personality compatibility, common interests, physical attraction and a host of other factors including location, language, religion, culture, age, the list goes on and on...

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