DNA Romance Launches The Gene Pool Match App

A Game Changer in Sperm Donor, Recipient, and Co-parent Matchmaking

DNA Romance Expands With Genomic-Based Matchmaking Service

DNA Romance, the pioneer in DNA-based online dating, is stepping into a new domain - the world of sperm donors, recipients, and co-parents. The Gene Pool Match App uses DNA Romance's DRom 1.0 algorithm to provide highly accurate matches based on DNA compatibility.

Dr. Timothy Sexton, the founder of DNA Romance and now the Gene Pool Match App, states, 'We are excited to step into this new domain. By leveraging genomics, we make the process of donor selection efficient and transparent, we are helping people connect so they can fulfill their life goals and build happy families.'

The DRom 1.0 algorithm considers 100 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers positioned in key compatibility genes. These genes play a crucial role in natural human attraction and contribute to overall sperm donor and recipient compatibility. Individuals with matching or near-matching DNA markers are likely to have higher rates of miscarriage, according to peer reviewed scientific research.

The Gene Pool Match App also offers significant value to co-parents by incorporating the Personality Compatibility Alignment (PCA) feature, based on the Myers-Briggs® 16 personality types. Users either input their personality type or complete a quick personality test during registration. The results of this test are used to enrich user profiles, specifying the particular personality type, and to calculate personality compatibility ratings. Ultimately, the PCA feature from DNA Romance facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of relationship compatibility, which aims to reduce friction and foster more successful co-parenting relationships.

The Gene Pool Match App aims to revolutionize the field of sperm donors, recipients, and co-parents. The goal is to offer more informed and comprehensive matches, creating healthier and happier families.

About DNA Romance and Gene Pool Match

DNA Romance is not just another online dating platform. It's a science-driven matchmaking platform that leverages the power of genetics to foster meaningful, enduring connections. Now, with the Gene Pool Match App, we extend our unique matchmaking approach to sperm donors, recipients, and co-parents. The same principles that guide DNA Romance are at work here, ensuring a compatible and rewarding experience for all participants. Whether you're looking for a soulmate or interested in genetic matchmaking, DNA Romance and Gene Pool Match have you covered. Sign up, complete your profile, and in just two minutes, you can start exploring your matches!

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